Rag Trade: P. Diddy Says You've Been A Bad, Bad Girl... And Smell Like It Too

Illustration for article titled Rag Trade: P. Diddy Says Youve Been A Bad, Bad Girl... And Smell Like It Too
  • Having convinced men that they smell Unforgivable, Sean "P.Diddy" Combs takes on the women's fragrance market. His new scent, which smells like a pina colada, will be supported by an ad campaign depicting Diddy forcibly taking a woman from behind. Ah, we love the smell of debatably consensual sex in the morning! [WWD]
  • Brooks Brothers makes a move towards the obvious, opening smaller, edited editions of their normal retail stores in resort locations and calling the wares there "The Country Club Collection." And everywhere, WASPS breathe a sigh of relief. [WWD]
  • Fashion's favorite enfant terrible John Galliano will not photographer William Klein's plagiarism allegations lying down. He was "inspired", not "stealing," ok??? [Vogue UK]

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