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Rag Trade: Guess Who?

Illustration for article titled Rag Trade: Guess Who?
  • Guess is opening more and more accessories-only stores, ogling for Coach's spot in the market and a luxury image. Luxury image? We'd like to remind company execs that both Paris Hilton and the late Nicole Smith have served as the face of the brand. Just sayin... [WWD]
  • Bloomingdale's continues its attack on California with opening of store in South Coast Plaza that glows in the dark. [WWD]
  • Burberry has apparently reclaimed its highbrow status after being usurped as label of choice for English equivalent of white trash. [London Telegraph]
  • H&M's new chain of stores, COS, is "more Zara than H&M" with just a pinch of "old Club Monaco." [Portfolio]

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