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Rag Trade: Even Bare-Legged Homewrecker Claire Danes Can't Save The Gap

Illustration for article titled Rag Trade: Even Bare-Legged Homewrecker Claire Danes Cant Save The Gap
  • The Gap continues its downward slide: No one likes the Boyfriend Trousers, there's no marketing chief, and oh, yeah, no permanent CEO! [NYPost]
  • A breadbasket caught on fire at designer Kimora Lee Simmons' L.A. party for her new line KLS. Surprisingly, Rachel Zoe was nowhere to be found. [WWD]
  • Suddenly litigation-happy Diane Von Furstenberg sues Forever 21 for copyright infringement for producing "marketing, advertising, distributing, offering for sale and selling dresses" that resemble her Cerisier and Aubrey designs. [WWD]
  • Kate Moss isn't going to model her own collection for TopShop. [Sassybella
  • Speaking of TopShop, we're loving this wooden-bangle pick-of-the-day. [TopShop]

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