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Rag Trade: Chloe Sevigny: Just like us?

Illustration for article titled Rag Trade: Chloe Sevigny: Just like us?

Actress and fashion iconoclast Chloe Sevigny implies that she's unable to afford Proenza Schouler... just like the rest of us losers. [WWD]


The fashion industry is a big player in the economy of New York City. And former CFDA president Stan Herman thinks Project Runway is a big player in the travesty that is contemporary popular culture. [WWD]

Two women in turbans made Vogue's best-dressed list for the week. Also in abundance: Designs by Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci and Carolina Herrera. []


Fashionista's got the inside scoop on the new Libertine capsule collection for Target. We're loving the hot-pink cardigan and printed tees in particular. [Fashionista]

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