Rag Trade: Best Wishes, Courtney & Jenna!

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  • Our frozen-faced, nipped and tucked friends deserve our sympathy and support! Lift Me Up Cards has created a greeting-card line of congratulatory, plastic-surgery themed cards with subjects like "liposuction" "Botox" and "breast augmentation". [WWD]
  • Architect Rem Koolhaas is designing "colorful and playful" $160 T-shirts for Prada. One depicts "an Eskimo and polar bears on sand dunes". Sounds a lot more "global-warming" than "colorful and playful", but that's just us. [WWD]
  • A Goldman Sachs survey finds that there's a growing demand for luxury watches from brands like Cartier and Rolex. Wonder if this has anything to do with that $16.5 billion bonus pool enjoyed by Goldman bankers last year! [WWD]
  • Makeup artist Gucci Westman and Rag & Bone designer David Neville had a baby boy on Tuesday. [FashionWeekDaily]
  • An ad agency is publishing a portrait-book of celebs who have appeared in campaigns for The Gap. Somehow we doubt this will boost the retailer's flagging fortunes, but... yeah. [AdAge]
  • A sneak peek at Kylie Minogue's H&M Loves Kylie collection. [Sassybella]
  • Old Navy to discontinue offering plus-size versions of its apparel? [BudgetFashionista]
  • Polo Ralph Lauren wants to expand in the Japanese luxury-goods market, give Japanese that oh-so-lovely WASP aesthetic! [WSJ, subscription req'd]

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