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Racists Mad About Lack of 'Americans' in National Spelling Bee


Illustration for article titled Racists Mad About Lack of Americans in National Spelling Bee

Were you excited about Thursday night's history-making spelling bee which resulted in a tie for the first time in 52 years? Of course you were, you're not a total asshole.

Unlike you, who polished off a bottle of wine and got emotional watching Ansun Sujoe and Sriram Hathwar make history, these other assholes decided to compensate for all the shortcomings in their shitty lives by posting a bunch of racist nonsense on social media.


All these people are pissed because there are no "Americans" in the spelling bee. Despite the fact that all of these kids are American and happen to go to American schools. But we don't need facts! Because brown skin = non Americans. HASHTAG POST RACIAL AMERICA.

According to her Twitter profile, this woman is a "Social Media Strategist" and "#Marketing Guru." I shit you not. Her social media strategy is "post some crazy racist shit and let the chips fall where they may, woo-hoo!"


They're participating in the spelling bee you are watching as you type this ridiculously stupid, racist tweet.


OOF. Because only Caucasians count as Americans to this guy. When called out for this tweet, he responded "haha I know but for the sake of the tweet I had to say it." I have no idea what the fuck that even means.


Mr. Underwood's response, on the hand, to anyone who tries to point out the shittyness of his tweet is "shut up." Noted.


HEY! I'ts OK you guys. He's not trying to be offensive. Well then!

These people are all assholes, clearly. It sucks to be them. It really does. The kids who participated in the spelling bee got up on stage and proved that they are total rock stars. For a little while, the entire country was cheering for them, awed by how hard they've worked to get up on that stage. They will inspire thousands of other young people with their intelligence and self-confidence for years to come.


It must really suck being the kind of person who sees something like that only feels compelled to write some shitty, stupid, racist tweet. Like I said, it must absolutely suck to be them.

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I was waiting for this.