Racist Woman Goes on Horrible Tirade: 'You're a Muslim Aren't You?'

"If I had a gun I would shoot you."

This video shows a woman physically and verbally attacking a man following a traffic incident on a highway. For some reason, almost being in a traffic accident, caused this woman to go off on a crude racist rant to the guy who was coming over to see if she was OK. She threatens to shoot him as soon as he walks up to the car. Then it just gets worse from there.


She demands to have his phone (which he is using to film her) and then threatens to kill him and his kids and his "goddamn mother." He tries to get her to calm down but she calls him a "fucking Muslim." UGH.

"Learn to goddamn drive, you fucking Muslim," she screams at him when he tries to apologize (it appears they were or almost were in a traffic accident). He might have started filming to document the accident or because she started screaming racist slurs at him, for those wondering.

"You're a Muslim, aren't you?" she asks.

"Yes, ma'am. Proud," he answers.

"I goddamn knew it," she says and accuses him of blowing up school buses. She calls him the son of a "nigger-loving atheist loving bitch."

"I'm sorry for you. That you're full of hatred," he responds calmly.

She responds to this with some more rambling threats directed at his mother.

"My mom passed away," he says.

Here's the main thing to take away from this video. Yes, she's an angry, nasty racist. While she's hurling vile things at him, you know what he's concerned about? Her safety and well being. Despite hearing all of that, he tells her to calm down before she drives away, clearly worried that she'll cause an actual accident in that state. And how does she respond to that?


She jumps out of her car and charges at him.

Welcome to post-racial America.



I can't help but lol at her for calling him both an Atheist and a Muslim in the same breath.