Racist Coot Cliven Bundy Now Comparing Himself to Rosa Parks

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Just like that weird boil that keeps showing up on your toe, Cliven Bundy is back, once again reminding everyone that yes, he is in fact really, really racist.


Bundy has been on a painfully embarrassing publicity tour of sorts trying to keep momentum for his nutty campaign against the federal government alive after conclusively proving himself to be little more than an unhinged racist. So what's left to do? Apologize and tell people you're taking "sensitivity training?" Pull a Mariah and check yourself into a hospital for "exhaustion?" Nope! It's time to compare yourself to a civil rights icon! Via The Huffington Post:

"I am standing up against [the federal government's] bad and unconstitutional laws, just like Rosa Parks did when she refused to sit in the back of the bus," Bundy's release reads. "She started a revolution in America, the civil rights movement, which freed the black people from much of the oppression they were suffering. ... I am doing the same thing Rosa Parks did — I am standing up against bad laws which dehumanize us and destroy our freedom."


"We are trading one form of slavery for another," his release also said of his battle against the government. "All of us are in some measure slaves of the federal government. Through their oppressive tactics of telling the ranchers how many cows they can have on their land, and making that number too low to support a ranch, the [Bureau of Land Management] has driven every rancher in Clark County off the land, except me."

*Pushes chair back, gets up from desk, walks to kitchen, opens liquor cabinet, takes massive swig of vodka*


Welcome to the classic desperation trolling phase of a person's 15 Minutes of Fame (don't worry, it usually comes right towards the end). This is the equivalent of running out of bullets and just throwing the gun. I expect that his statements to the press are just going to get kookier and kookier, each one more absurd in its proclamations than the next.

Congratulations, Conservatives! You really picked a winner this time.

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why do racists inevitably compare themselves to Rosa Parks or MLK? This is so rich coming from a dude who was caught on video defending slavery.