Racing Fans Freak Out Over Congresswoman's Proposal to Cut Government NASCAR Sponsorship

This morning, an amendment proposed by Minnesota Representative Betty McCollum and one of her Republican colleagues, Jack Kingston of Georgia, passed through the House Appropriations Committee. The proposal aimed to cut $80 million from the federal government's budget by barring the Department of Defense from spending taxpayer money on NASCAR, pro-fishing, and professional wrestling sponsorships. Seems pretty smart and budget-conscious, right? Well, not if you're a NASCAR fan. Apparently, they take their government sponsorship of white guys driving very fast in circles very seriously, and are freaking out at Rep. McCollum on Twitter.

Sometimes I think that there's a certain sort of personality type that sits around waiting for opportunities to call women sluts and cunts and whores and bitches; there's no other explanation for the level of vitriol expressed by Twitter users in response to McCollum's proposal that the government stop shoveling money over to NASCAR, which is absolutely not hurting for money. Users accused her of being a "job destroyer," and preventing the military from recruiting at NASCAR events (neither of which is true). Another claimed that NASCAR provides technology to the American military, and that she was acting out of ignorance. Another Tweeted "Leave it to a Democrat," ignoring the fact that the bill's cosponsor was a Republican.


And of course, we had the barrage of misogyny. One guy called McCollum both a "retard" and a "cunt," which is a pretty cunty thing to call someone who doesn't share your sports fandom. Another called her a stupid slut, as any woman who doesn't think the government has any business funding NASCAR must clearly be the sort of woman who would fuck anything that walks.


Shouldn't you guys be drunk and watching other dudes drive around in circles somewhere?



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