Rachel Zoe's Not Really One For Political Guerrilla Theatre

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  • Would Rachel Zoe support Code Pink? Here's her response: "I’m embarking on a big initiative this year for ovarian cancer—that’s next. But if I lived in the ’70s, I would have been right in John Lennon’s bed with him and Yoko. God, I wish he were alive." We'll take that as a...maybe? [BlackBook]
  • Anand Jon: Rapist, or simply a creep? [Radar]
  • Despite rumors, Pixie Geldof isn't designing for New Look. She's modeling for them! [ElleUK]
  • Finnish designer Ivana Helsinki based her knits line for Topshop on "the champagne state of drunkenness." Sign us up! [VogueUK]
  • H&M feels the pinch. Don't we all. [WWD]
  • Is Alessandra Facchinetti getting the pink slip at Valentino? [Fashion Week Daily]
  • At the end of the day, fashion's a business. Albeit a ridiculous one. [Independent]
  • Which is why Lanvin might be selling a stake to a Qatar investor. [IHT]
  • Posh's new boots: ugly, of course, but are they equally uncomfortable?! [Guardian]
  • Apparently Paris fashion week is sucking far less than did New York's. [Fashionista]
  • This new hand-held scanner can tell if a garment's a fake -so you don't have to send your clothes to a lab, like you were doing before! [IHT]
  • Foot Locker's buying skateboard apparel maker CCS. It's currently owned by Delia's. [WSJ]
  • Model Sarah Murdoch says "In fashion ... there is an unhealthy body image for young women." No shit. [News.com.au]
  • Balenciaga show apparently bites. [NYT]

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that photo of zoe is positively frightening. eat a hamburger, please! this isn't girl on girl hating, it's genuine concern!