Rachel Zoe's Clavicle "Almost A Brand"

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Every now and then a woman comes along who is so thin, she gets famous simply for being thin. Then she gets famous for making other women thin. Then she stays famous for staying thin long enough without dying to start a veritable thin CONTAGION. Finally, and the malevolent fashion media synergists take MONTHS to play this shit out while they starve themselves to compete and kill every working neuron in the process, the fashion industry totally loses all memory of Twiggy and Calista Flockhart and North Korea and appoints the woman "Inventor Of Thin."


Anyway, unless you have some procrastination deficiency you have known this for like eighty years already: Rachel Zoe Invented Thin. The Inventor of Thin is Rachel Zoe. But apparently this is news to the New York Times, which waited till today to bestow upon Rachel Zoe the whole breathless Thursday Styles SAT vocabulary session:

dulcet (her tones, whilst discussing celebrities to whom she has fed tapeworms to fit into sample sizes)
plangent (her tones, whilst discussing said tapeworms)


Blah blah blah. Rachel Zoe is the celebrity stylist-slash-BFF behind the look-like-Kate-Moss-As-Told-To-A-Bratz-Doll trend. The story ends on a weird note.

"It's about to change, isn't it?"

Yes. Hopefully someone more famous than a foreign runway model will die of starvation, soon, and then the Fashion Establishment will have to pretend it cares. But please, God, don't let it be Lindsay.

The Stylist Who Would Be A Star [NYT]

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