Rachel Zoe Will Die, But Not From Vertigo

On last night's Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel finally went to the doctor for her symptoms of "dying," and learned that she has vertigo, which won't kill her, but as far as her business goes, it will "shut it down"…temporarily.

Rachel was told by her doctor to reduce the stress in her life and take it easy, so she took a few days off. However, she also decided to take on a project in her downtime, so she streamlined her personal jewelry collection—of which there are/were over 1,000 pieces—and put them up for sale at an exhibition at the vintage store Decades (all proceeds going to research for ovarian cancer) with photos and anecdotes of when/how she obtained each one. To help her, Rachel's sister dug up old family photos, including those of their mother, who is Rachel's fashion accessories inspiration, who taught her daughter that "more is more."


The other dramz that took place was the typical Brad/Taylor dilemma. Only one of them was going to be able to attend fashion week in Paris with Rachel—after they were initially told they could both go—and Rachel left it up to them to decide which one it would be. The news sort of decimated Brad, who immediately broke out into what appears to be hives. In the end, it was decided that Brad would attend Paris fashion week with Rachel.

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