By now you have probably heard that Anna Wintour has tacitly ceded the title of Most Important Person In A Relatively Unimportant Industry to Rachel Zoe. There is no better evidence of this than the story in October's Teen Vogue wherein writer Jane Keltner conveys the tan'n'anorexic stylist's supposed influence through chronicling her alleged transformation of lowly Teen Vogue intern and NYU student Elana Fishman into the next, um, Teen Vogue intern NYU student socialite (an article made all the more remarkable by the fact that Rachel Zoe is actually on the masthead at Hearst's Cosmopolitan, meaning her influence transcends the usual corporate affiliations.) But here's the problem: the whole stunt was kinda a failure. After a whole summer spent self-promoting and Zoe-ing, Fishman barely Googles. Also: she looks really stupid. You'll have to trust me on this until I can scan you the evidence.


And finally, the story claims her photo was snapped by Fashionista at a party. This would make sense, since Fashionista and Teen Vogue do not exactly go to great lengths to distance themselves from one another, but when we texted Fashionista editor Faran Krentcil she claimed she had never done such a thing. It was only after we elaborated that she texted back to say "Oh, yeah, Teen Vogue Ilana" Right, Teen Vogue's new "It Girl"...

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