On last night's season finale, Rachel admitted to her doctor that she hasn't really been eating, which is making her vertigo worse. Rodger—who correctly overuses "literally"—stepped in to restructure his wife's business to help improve her health.

Rachel's dad visited her, and she disclosed to him that, despite her success, she feels she's failed as a boss to her employee Taylor and as a wife to Rodger. It's a problem that is, for the most part, unique to women, as most ambitious businessmen rarely publicly profess concern about the feelings of their employees or the neglect of their wives.

Taylor's parents also stopped by to help her with her workload. I love that she and her mother never take their sunglasses off.

Rodger and Rachel called Brad and Taylor in for a meeting to explain the restructuring of the business. Rodger will now be the boss of Brad and Taylor and Taylor will play a bigger role in product development.

One of the products that Rachel is developing is a fragrance, and she brought Taylor to NYC to consult. From the sound of it—sandalwood, patchouli, etc.—the perfume is going to smell like a hacky sack at a Phish show.