Rachel Zoe Now Outfitizing People Who Eat Food

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Why does starstylist Rachel Zoe's "influence" KNOW NO BOUNDS? Seriously, how did she and her fake name just appear from nowhere, intercept the Nicole Richie food supply and then suddenly like some malevolent supernatural force become sweepingly ubiquitous in all the magazines that were painful enough to read without her?? To review, Rachel Zoe is tabloid whore, on the masthead at Cosmo, was recently profiled and oft-fellated in the Vogues; she (hideously) dressed an intern hideously for an idiotic stunt in this month's Teen Vogue... and now for November she styled an editor at Marie Claire! (It almost makes you believe in Satan again, doesn't it?) Okay, so the crux of the Marie Claire stunt, wherein Zoe attires editor Cleo Glyde — "a robust size 12" — is that bigger-boned broads look as good in Rachel's Holocaust- meets-Summer of Love brand of chic as shrunken horse pill addicts do. But somehow they manage to look even worse! At least, I think. What about you? TAKE OUR POLL.

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Here's the pic. Isn't it amazing how, even at this dramatically reduced size, you can totally tell that pretty much every outfit is totally butt and unflattering? You should see the next page.

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That "long hair in your face, so skinny your bones show, shapeless bag lady clothes that cost a fortune" thing is going to be over soon, right? Maybe already is? I thought lady like, fitted, and belted was the "new."