The bone that a lot of people like to pick with Rachel Zoe is that she represents the exact kind of consumerism, greed and irresponsible spending that has gotten our economy into the shitstorm it's in right now. On last night's episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel went on a vintage shopping spree, and while the final tally wasn't revealed, it must've been in the high five digits. She secretly charged it to her husband's credit card, and when the credit card company called him to verify the charge, he got pissed. She said that it's not a problem because "the beauty of credit cards is that you can pay later." So does this mean that she's living hand-to-mouth? Clip above.


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I don't have a husband, but if I did, I imagine he'd be pissed for spending 6 figures on clothing. Of course, as long as we're imagining, I might as well imagine me a husband that has enough money, that buying that much stuff wouldn't be a problem.