Stylist Rachel Zoe, who is probably better known to the general public for being thin and running around with starlets than her achievements in the illustrious, artistic field of celebrity styling, popped on over to the Today show this morning to promote her new horribly-named reality series, The Rachel Zoe Project, which premieres tonight. When asked why she chose to star in her own series, Zoe fell on the old celebrity-turned-reality-star fallback excuse of "people were already talking about me (so I decided to star in a show where I could control what people saw of me; oh, and make some cash along the way)." Zoe also tried to dispel the rumor that she is to blame for her clients' low BMI notes that none of her current clients are a size zero. We do feel that Zoe got unfairly blamed for her clients' "issues" and we're actually looking forward to her new show, if only to watch more of the medicated-mumbling that she delivers in this clip.