Rachel Roy Calls Out Bullies on Social Media

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Following the recent controversy surrounding Rachel Roy’s possible romantic link to rapper Jay Z, the fashion designer has seemingly spoken out against accusations made by fans, as well as the backlash the Roy has since received on social media.

While the tweet, which was posted on April 24, did not mention either Jay Z or Beyoncé by name, Roy’s allusions to “[respecting] love, marriages, family and strength,” as well as definitively stating that bullying “shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone” have added yet another twist to the entire debacle.


The tweet was made only hours after Roy was linked to rapper Jay Z as a possible past paramour earlier today after an Instagram post on her account alluded to her being “Becky with the good hair,” a lyric from the new Beyoncé track “Sorry.”

Roy, who is also purportedly a domestic abuse survivor, received a virulent counterblast from Beyoncé fans since her Instagram post was circulated on social media. At one point, her Wikipedia page was temporarily and drastically altered to incorporate the scandal, which made references to the as-of-now unproven affair, as well as to Bey’s “visual album” Lemonade, which features “Sorry” and premiered last night as an HBO special.


Considering almost all of the “evidence” of the affair is either circumstantial (like the Instagram post, which could have just been an ill-timed measure), or comes from “unnamed sources,” it might be a good idea to hold off on any definitive finger-pointing right about now.


Also, this is happening:


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Wow a lot of these responses are insane. I don’t understand why people are going in on her and not Jay Z (unless he’s also getting major criticism that I’m not seeing). He’s the one who seems to have cheated on his wife for Christ’s sake!