Rachel Marsden: Quite Possibly Canada's Worst Import Since Bonnie Fuller

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Wow. We mean... WOW. If you haven't yet read writer Rebecca Traister's piece on gorgeous conservative commentator Rachel Marsden — who, Traister says, is being groomed to be the next Ann Coulter — we suggest you scoot your virtual ass right over to Salon, where Traister documents the 31-year-old Fox Newser's long residence in "Crazy Town". It's a fascinating — albeit, long — piece, so to help you out, we've compiled a list of the article's juiciest tidbits:

  • Marsden grew up in Vancouver, Canada. She says she was a record-breaking, competitive swimmer who also liked to listen to talk-radio.
  • In 1993, Marsden began attending Simon Fraser University; in 1995, she accused Liam Donnelly, a SFU swim coach she knew from Vancouver, of date rape and sexual harassment. Donnelly was fired, but claimed that it was Marsden who had been the harasser, not him.
  • Marsden may have been in possession of a voice-altering machine with which she made creepy calls to Donnelly. Oh and she also may have vandalized Donnelly's car, subscribed to Playboy in his name, and scattered condoms all over his driveway.
  • Marsden publicly copped to some of Donnelly's accusations against her but claimed she was attempting to "entice [Donnelly] into meeting with me so I could obtain...an apology from him for the abuse, harassment and rape I suffered at his hands."
  • Neil Boyd, a Simon Fraser professor, calls Marsden "feminism's worst nightmare". Oh, and he says Marsden harassed him too!
  • Marsden may have at one point lived in her car.
  • More men Marsden (who also gave herself the name "Elle Henderson") reportedly harassed: Vancouver radio host Michael Morgan, whose computer she may have rigged in order to forward her copies of every email he sent.

Fuck this. This chick's probably crazy, we're sick of typing, and we're only on page 4 of 7. We suggest you just go read the story. It's worth it. We promise.

Fox's Ann Coulter 2.0 [Salon]

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