Rachel Maddow Discusses Stupak Amendment On Meet The Press

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Discussing the House's passage of the health care reform bill this morning on Meet The Press, Rachel Maddow took on the Stupak Amendment, predicting that Democratic women may "revolt" if the amendment isn't eventually taken out. Clip after the jump.


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fanny brice

I am pro-choice, but I am honestly pretty neutral about the Stupak Amendment. I know, I know. But the thing for me is this—I don't know of a single insurance company that covers abortion anyway. So I wouldn't expect the government to cover it too.

However, I don't think it's always wrong for the government to spend taxpayer money on things that not everyone agrees with. That's why we elect people. For example, I never agreed with the Iraq war or NCLB. It's just how our country's government works. #rachelmaddow