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Rachel Bilson Weighs In On Her Fashion Line

Illustration for article titled Rachel Bilson Weighs In On Her Fashion Line
  • Rachel Bilson on her upcoming fashion line: "I just had my first sewing lesson," she says. "My skirt came out 10 times too big, and it's sort of a mess, but I did learn how to use a sewing machine. So I'm on my way." [W Magazine]
  • Having discovered the most effective form of teen sloganeering, Kmart launches faux-cute abstinence sweatpants. [Shakespeare's Sister]
  • Flip-flops no longer bad for feet, fat-busting. [The Sun]
  • Roberto Cavalli names Princess Beatrice as new muse. Perez Hilton is flummoxed! [Perez Hilton]
  • Ray-Ban tarts up the Wayfarer. [AdWeek]
  • Nine West founders gift UPenn $50 million towards biochemical research center which, disappointingly, has no shoe reference in its name. [CNN]
  • Again, why not? USA Today gives 'makeovers' to all the characters in The Office. "Jim may be the office crush, but like a lot of Gen Y, he seems to reach for those slouchy chinos." [USA Today]
  • The US Synchronized Swim Team looks Esther Williams fierce! [Radar]
  • Feel humbled: Kate Moss has designed a tee shirt for charity. Fine: Chari-tee. [Daily Mail]
  • Victoria Beckham: "I've got a long way to go before I could win a CFDA of my own." [Elle UK]
  • Consumers hate cropped suits. [New York Post]
  • "In the photoshoot Linda Evangelista did for Vogue Italia, she epitomized a true aristocratic style. Of carefree mood, she posed in fur jackets, jersey, silk dresses, and tweed suits, accessorized with hats, gloves, and little dogs. Its refined interiors and vintage chic make this editorial tres nostalgic." [Zimbio]
  • Retailers fall back on flagships. [WWD]
  • Dooney and Bourke triumphs over Louis Vuitton - like a really rich, WASPy David versus a really rich, French Goliath! [WWD]

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@TheFormerJuneBronson: oh, i know. also, i really liked pre-semi-glammed-up pam's hair, because it looked exactly like how someone who's making $15.00 an hour at a job they hate would do their hair: clean, boring, and low maintenance. not that i'm projecting or anything.