Rachel Bilson Thinks Women Who Wear Revealing Dresses Are Total Sluts

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It would appear that Rachel Bilson has taken up some part-time work with the purity police after she took a dig at any woman who dare expose her slutty back, chest and thigh skin. Sitting down to discuss the important things in life with Lucky magazine – shopping, of course! – she confessed that she's not a fan of wearing dresses that are short and backless with a plunging neckline because she's afraid of looking like a filthy harlot. "I guess I'm not too crazy about slutty dresses," she said. "You try something on, and if you feel like a slut, you probably look like one." Because she's wearing a dress that shows off a hint of cleavage on the cover we can only assume that whorish fever pitch is reached by a combination of all three aforementioned elements. We've been schooled! [US]

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Ben Affleck is finally going to have the little bro dude he's always wanted because he and Jennifer Garner have added a boy to their growing child army. "It would be so weird to have a boy," said Jennifer before she found out what she was having. Well, now she knows. The wee one joins big sisters Violet, six, and Seraphina, three. [People]

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Fans of cuteness will be chuffed to learn that Ellen DeGeneres is putting the awesome Sophia Grace and Rosie to work full-time by offering them a regular spot on her show called "Tea Time." Their first guest is Taylor Swift, who bonded with the girls over singledom. But it didn't take long for Sophia to bust out one of the little off-the-cuff gems she's become known for. "I used to, but ... I only had one boyfriend," she said. "So now I'm just a friend." [E!]
Ellen's jcpenney commercials are here – too bad for the One Million-ish Moms. [OMG]

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As if parenting wasn't already enough of an anxiety-ridden hayride, Julia Roberts confessed there is another way she fears she might be messing up her children – by being famous. So she turned to Meryl Streep's daughter Grace Gummer for advice. "Grace comes up and goes, ‘Gosh, it's so sweet seeing all your kids on the set. It reminds me of when I was little, and I would go see my mom at work,'" said Julia. "Suddenly, I thought, here is a source of information. I asked, ‘How old were you when you realized your mom was Meryl Streep?' She said, ‘I think I was probably 9 when I put that all together.' I said, ‘Were you cool with it?' She said, ‘Yeah, it was fine. There was no trauma.' So that was hopeful." [Page Six]

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I doubt she gives a flying fuck one way or the other, but people have come forward to defend Angelina Jolie over that whole Oscar leg debacle. Though it was pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain, she was just having a little bit of fun with the photographers. "The photographers went crazy for her on the red carpet and were screaming for her to 'Show some leg,' and so she did," said the apologist. "It was totally unplanned for Angie to do it again when she was presenting, she was having fun, living in the moment, like she always does. She is absolutely oblivious to the controversy and attention the sexy pose has created." And, with that, the non-issue has been solved! [Radar]
But that's not stopping Joan Rivers from getting some mileage out of it. [E!]
Forget the leg, Jennifer Lopez's nipple has its own Twitter page. [The Sun]

  • Attention! He may be related to her, work for her or they could just be non-penetrative friends but until this random guy is identified he may as well be having sexy times with Katy Perry. [Mirror]
  • Page Six are calling Snooki trashy — glass houses — and also pregnant. [Page Six]
  • Jennifer Hudson is on the witness list but it's not yet confirmed that she'll testify in the murder trial of the man who killed her mother, brother and nephew. [NYDN]
  • Though we all love the drama that is Camille Grammer's personal life, it's good to see that the child custody carry-on betwixt her and Kelsey is settled. [NYDN]
  • Bump watchers had better wipe down their opera glasses because Megan Fox says she's ready to start procreating. [Page Six]
  • False alarm! They've already been cleaned, as evidenced by a sightly pregnant Uma Thurman spotted in her natural habitat. [E!]
  • If Megan Fox's sister got her way it'd be she who was sporting the baby bump care of Brian Austin Green. [US]
  • It's certainly a Megan Fox news day, the actress calling her tattoo removal "traumatic" and super painful. [US]
  • Whitney Houston's death will be ruled an accident. A tragic accident. [E!]
  • Okay, this is pretty good: the first time Kris Humphries met Lamar Odom he asked him if he was being paid to fake his marriage to Khloé Kardashian Odom. [E!]
  • Real estate porn: the Steven Tyler edition. [E!]
  • Much like Borat before him, Sacha Baron Cohen's new character in The Dictator is copping heat for promoting offensive stereotypes. [E!]
  • Nick Jonas is totally hard for John Stamos, in the platonic sense. I say that even though Plato himself was hot for guys on occasion. Facts! [US]
  • Everyone loves a good photobomb and it's even more hilarious when celebrities like Justin Bieber and co. get in on the action. [US]
  • Natalie Portman's jeweller – though perhaps not for much longer – has blabbed confirmed that she is indeed married to Benjamin Millepied. [US]
  • They broke up last millennium but Jennifer Lopez was caught apologizing to Diddy at the Oscars. The crime? Not returning his phone calls. Awkward.
  • Actor Lane Garrison found himself in the middle of an alleged domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend on Monday night. No further details have been released, but you know it won't take long for them to trickle out. [TMZ]
  • And here it trickles ... It's been downgraded to a heated argument about funeral invites, with Lane taken to hospital after suffering a panic attack. [TMZ]
  • Paris Jackson says Sony faked her dad's voice on his posthumous album. [TMZ]
  • His countrymen and women love Jean Dujardin as much as we do – mobbing him when he lands in France. [Daily Mail]
  • Huge ensemble casts often ruin a movie, but there is no way I'm not going to be laying down my cold, hard cash to see Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Beyoncé and Andy Samberg in a musical. [Ministry Of Gossip]
  • Smash actress Megan Hilty is schooling us in what should be common knowledge: that Dolly Parton smells like baby powder, love and pixie dust. [OMG]
  • The best thing about the TV version of Buffy — the movie still rules supreme, I dont care what y'all say — was always Drusilla and her ridiculous voice. So, some light finger snaps are in order now that the actress who played her, Juliet Landau, is writing a comic spin-off based on her. [EW]
  • The Cannes Film Festival is making like Lindsay Lohan and paying homage to Marilyn Monroe this year. [Vanity Fair]

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re: Rachel Bilson

Um, remember the movie The Last Kiss, darling? Your character didn't need to wear slutty clothes to jump on Zach Braff's boner.