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Rachel Bilson And Karl Lagerfeld Would Like You To Eat More Ice Cream

Here is Karl Lagerfeld's début directorial effort for the ice cream brand Magnum, which with this commercial hereby launches itself in the U.S. market. Starring Rachel Bilson as "A 5'2" model," to use her words, and Lagerfeld boy-toy Baptiste Giabiconi (of all-singing, all-dancing music video fame) as a capricious fashion photographer.


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Jenna, or anyone else who's worked in fashion - is there some sort of rule that every fashion related movie/video is required to be accompanied by really shitty techno?

Also, I really hope they were aiming for a Zoolander theme intentionally, otherwise this commercial is just sad.

ETA - I've never seen Rachel Bilson act before and wow, she's terrible. Any actress unable to sell the concept "ice cream is tasty" is in the wrong line of work.