Rachael Ray Challenges Viewers To Go On A "Gossip Diet;" Viewers Are Hilarious Bitches

Rachael Ray has declared a mini war on gossip. During today's show, she choked up when talking about how baseless tabloid gossip really hurts her feelings. Ray decided to challenge four of her chattiest viewers, Talia, Stephanie, Beth and Sarah, to a gossip diet in which they agreed not to talk smack for an entire week. If they cheated on their "diet," the women would have to start the week over again. The clip above is of their non-gossiping video diaries, and as you'll see, none of the women is particularly thrilled with her rumor free existence. "The general consensus is that I am no longer fun to be around," one of them laments. While we are not fans of unwarranted maliciousness, I must say that I live by Clairee's famous maxim from Steel Magnolias: If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me.


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