Rabid Revenge Fans Have Actually Had An Effect On The Storyline

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Our favorite juicy melodrama, Revenge, landed the new cover of Entertainment Weekly, and the cover story features lots of spoiler-y goodness: Are certain baddies returning? Yep. Is a certain love triangle getting steamier? Yep. But even more interesting is The Hollywood Reporter's interview with writer and executive producer Mike Kelley, who reveals that fans had an influence on the trajectory of the show.


Kelley was asked how he manages fan expectations, and replied:

Well, I love when the fans are right and I hate when they're wrong. When you're in touch with what the fans are hoping to see there's a symbiotic relationship and I feel like that's happening right now. So, I hope I don't disappoint anybody. Anytime that the fans are guessing something, it's good. It might not play out exactly how they were hoping, but maybe with an extra twist that they didn't see coming. So, you want to satisfy people but you also want to hold back just enough or reveal something that's doubly surprising. So, that's what we're hoping that we've accomplished.


But he also revealed:

Illustration for article titled Rabid emRevenge/em Fans Have Actually Had An Effect On The Storyline

There's a thread on a particular website where basically they say if we reveal that Emily's [Emily VanCamp] father is not dead we have ruined the show and that was an option for me. At this point, I'm no longer considering that option. So, I try not to let what fans want decide what the show is going to be. But, I also want to respect what people are responding to. It's complicated.

When was the last time you heard about a TV exec admitting he or she actually cares what viewers think? Kelley could teach a lesson to the folks at Glee, Whitney, 2 Broke Girls, and, uh, everything you watch that could be so much better.

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