Rabbit Comes To The Rescue • Girls Are Great At Math

• An Australian rabbit named "Rabbit" totally saved his family from a fire. (That's not him at left.) There's a pretty good joke about this kind of thing. • Help from your daughter-in-law makes you less depressed, if you're an elderly Chinese woman; help from your son, apparently not so much. • Girls just as good at math as boys throughout primary and secondary school. Raise your hand if you're surprised.• A choir teacher in San Diego called a student an "ugly brat," then literally kicked her out of the classroom. • Disturbing fertility news: even half a serving of soy a day can lower a man's sperm count — effects are more pronounced if he's overweight. • Disturbing adoption news: DNA tests show an abducted Guatemalan baby was adopted by a US couple. Several more abducted babies have been found in Guatemalan orphanages, leading some to believe the practice is widespread. • And some reassuring news: belly and thigh fat is a great source of stem cells, which could cure disease and even remove wrinkles. So eat that donut — unless you're a man, you want a baby, and it's made of soy.


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