R.I.P. Lady Bird

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  • America's best-monikered First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, died this afternoon at the age of 94. She was one of the first people (sorry, Al!) to bring environmentalism center-stage. [CBS News]
  • Queen Elizabeth got huffy with photographer Annie Leibowitz. [USAToday]
  • UN Secretary General offers up the following deep thought: "New thinking" is needed to deal with our current climate change problems. What, is the UN now the NY Times 'Sunday Styles' section of world events? Picking up on "trends" a good three seasons after their debut?! [BBC]
  • Shy guys: Not only are the less likely to make the first move, but they're more likely to die of a heart attack. Which leads us to the natural, however seemingly absurd, conclusion that the chances of a guy having a heart attack when you put the moves on him pretty damn high. [Daily News UK]
  • The latest in Spice Girls Mania: Redux: A BBC documentary on the group is planned for the fall. Meaning that Victoria Beckham now feels a little better about the downsizing of her NBC special on herself? [BBC]
  • When will J.Lo learn? Movies featuring herself and her lover du jour = really bad idea. [TMZ]
  • The photographer who grabbed at Heather Mills to snap a pic of her in July of last year was found guilty of assault. Mills offered some statement about blah blah blah justice being served. But we want to know what Paul McCartney has to say! [BBC]
  • Uh oh Moz! Compaing Madonna's adopted (African) son to a wild animal is no way to make a point about why you shouldn't wear fur! Suddenly, we wonder if PETA is somehow behind Morrissey's recent slew of concert cancelings. Well, PETA or the NAACP. [Best Week Ever]
  • Growing up, whenever we would start complaining about something, our aunt would ask us if we were in SIberia (like our relatives had been, in work camps, during WWII). The answer was always no. But we wish we had been! Then we could have been the ones to discover the baby mammoth!!! [CNN]
  • We hope to see something on TheKnot.com tomorrow on what the etiquette is when one of your guests arrives a year early for your wedding. [CNN]
  • It appears that someone other than us is bitter that kids are off for the summer while we have to work. [Slate]
  • Memo to our high school stoner friends: New information about Jim Morrison's death! (Spoiler: Heroin, not a hot bath) [USA Today]
  • Evil Knievel and Kanye West are going to try to hug it out. [USA Today]
  • A dog named Max, saved by a little backdoor entry! [CBS]
  • 2 U.S. casualties identified. [DoD]

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Come a little Miroslav Klose You're My Kind of Man

R.I.P. Lady Bird... Thirty-five years to outlive a spouse, those could not have passed without a twinge of sadness. But dignity, always. The last 'great' First Lady (only Roslyn Carter can qualify to hand a candle to it).

AS to Morrissey hating on Africans, isn't he long-rumoured to be a bit racist? I seem to recall hearing bad reviews for "Panic". (The 'hang the dj, hang the dj, handg the dj' refrain drew rebuke, as djs tend to be dark, & hanging (for 'hating the music they play') seems like a lynching.)