R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Aretha Doesn't Have Any For "Beyonce Who?"

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  • The Queen of Soul apparently has little respect for Sasha Fierce. In a continuation of the Beyonce/Aretha disrespectathon, TMZ reporters asked Aretha if she thought Beyonce should apologize for not addressing Ms. Franklin as "The Queen of Soul." Aretha's response? "Beyonce Who?" [TMZ]
  • Benji Madden has struck back against reports that he's cheating on Paris Hilton, telling People, "It's very frustrating when you finally find yourself in a good relationship and people attack it. I wear my feelings on my sleeve. I'm very open about how in love I am – Paris and I are very happy." [People]
  • Is Lindsay Lohan's career really over this time? “She’s got no film work," says a source, "she’s not going to land TV jobs; I hear she’s tried to get on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and can’t." [MSNBC]
  • Jimmy Fallon's first wedding anniversary is coming up, and he happily reports that being married is "still exciting and fun." He then giggled and totally took everyone out of the scene. [People]
  • As soon as they're old enough, Matt Damon plans to take his daughters on overseas charity missions with him. "The way you have to parent them is to show them the world. Explaining the world can only go so far.You can read about devastation every morning – it's on the front page of the newspaper – but when you actually go there and see it, you realize this isn't something you can turn the page on." [People]
  • Kathy Hilton doesn't think Angelina Jolie is glamorous. While she does think Jolie is "beautiful," apparently Angelina doesn't hold a candle to Kathy's true idea of glamour: Delta Burke. I happen to think both Angelina and the great Suzanne Sugarbaker are glam, thanks very much. [SF Gate]
  • George Clooney and Naomi Watts have been tapped to star in a "reinvention" of Hitchcock's classic film The Birds. Ok, Hollywood. But leave Vertigo alone! [Metro]
  • Sources tell TMZ that Nick Hogan, fresh out of jail, might be moving to L.A. to attend school. [TMZ]
  • Oh, snap! The Shatner/Takai feud just keeps on going where no Shatner/Takai feud has gone before. After William Shatner posted a bizarre YouTube rant, accusing George Takai of being "psychotic" and complaining about not being invited to Takai's wedding, Takai shot back by telling People that Shatner had indeed been invited to the wedding, but hadn't bothered to respond. "But it wasn't surprising because it's true to his history," Takai said. "He's never responded to an invitation. Every time there was something happy to celebrate amongst us ... he never showed up. [People]
  • And speaking of the Final Frontier, Paris Hilton has booked a seat on the Virgin Enterprise Rocket, Richard Branson's first commercial flight into space that is set to take off next year. Apparently she's pretty freaked out about it, stating, "I'm very scared to do it. What if I don't come back? With the whole light-years thing, what if I come back 10,000 years later, and everyone I know is dead? I'll be like, 'Great. Now I have to start all over.'" We can just see it now: Paris' New BFF For The Year 12,009! That giant cactus with eight arms and six brains that's currently trying to eat the Moon is like, so hot right now![ONTD]

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I think it's really unlikely that Lindsay's film career is over. I mean, seriously, she came back from a worse spot before. More likely that she and her management are just looking for the right project.