Quotes From The Players In The Great Photoshop Debate

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As previously mentioned, lawmakers in France and Great Britain are pushing for disclaimers to be added to Photoshopped images. If you extract the quotes from the piece in today's New York Times, you get a sense of the conversation:

"I have never yet seen, and you probably never will see, a fashion or beauty picture that hasn't been retouched. Unfortunately, we are living in a retouched world."


— photographer Derek Hudson, who says he would "make a stink" if an editor Photoshopped his pictures.

"When teenagers and women look at these pictures in magazines, they end up feeling unhappy with themselves… If people knew they had to describe what they had altered, it might make them less likely to do it. These photos can lead people to believe in realities that very often, do not exist."


— Jo Swinson, a British member of Parliament from the Liberal Democratic Party, which wants to ban altered photos entirely in ads aimed at children under 16.

"I spent the first 10 years of my career making girls look thinner. I've spent the last 10 making them look larger."

— Robin Derrick, creative director of British Vogue.


Lifting the Veil of Mere Pixel Perfection [NY Times]

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The irony of that Faith Hill picture is that she looks scads better in the untouched photo. I don't know why it's attractive to feature skeletons with a holy glow.

And yet there are so many people trying to achieve the dead and divine look. Society is sick.