Quiz: Which Vogue Editor's New Year's Eve Plans Will Upset You the Most?

Some things in life are hard to take.

This is a lesson that Vogue.com teaches me every single day, but especially on this day, with an extensive slideshow titled “Vogue Editors on Where They’ll Be (and What They’ll Wear) This New Year’s Eve.”


Here is where they will not be:

  • In a cab for 55 minutes trying to get from a perfectly fine party in Manhattan to an even better-sounding party in Bushwick that’s cleared out by the time they arrive
  • In a bar full of hammered 19-year-olds in their hometown of Lexington, Kentucky
  • In bed, crying

Here is what they will not be wearing:

  • A crop top from Urban Outfitters

Please take this fun quiz, below!

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Top image via Getty, gif via Giphy; quiz images via Shutterstock.


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