Quit Trying To Make "Momalicious" And "Momgasm" Happen

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Upon learning that someone is trying to insert "dadelor" into the English language, we have but one reaction: Make it stop. We get that all the good portmanteaus and puns seem to be taken in various corners of the Internet, but this is a bridge too far in the realm of weak punnery.


And so are the rest of these:

Momager. Vintage, dating at least back to 2005, we potentially can blame Ashanti's Mom[ager] for this.

Momgasm. Used in a sentence: "Watching Five and Two-Year-Old happily consume MISO SOUP (seaweed, tofu) and EDAMAME (soybeans) with kid-rigged chopsticks at lunch today gave me such a Momgasm, I ate the funky maki anyway."

Momtrepreneurs. They have their own website, although thankfully it redirects to Founding Moms.

Momography: Different from biography because it's mom's.

Mombian, Momocrats, Momsational, Momalicious These are each the names of well-regarded "mommyblogs." We support their work (at least in theory) but not their assault on the English language.


Daddaries. This masculine version of mammaries has actually penetrated beyond Urban Dictionary.

Dadbro. Did you mean to search for "dudebro"? This is even better.

"Mom" words own this genre. Gentlemen, step up your game. Dadgrade it?


Sorcia MacNasty

Because moms need to define themselves in any/all contexts as a mom?! I don't get it, honestly. But then, I still hate the term "hubby." It creeps me out.