Question Marks Surrounding Our Periods

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Vaginas are confusing, even for those of us who have them. There's so much going on that we can't see…actually, there's so much going on period. And speaking of periods, that's an entire category of vaginal confusion. Sure we know the ABCs, and we certainly know more than most of the people who watch Tyra (or maybe even Tyra herself), but there are more specific inquiries-taboo ones that involve poop and ejaculate-that we can't really find in books or on Wikipedia, and that we don't want to ask our moms about, for fear that she'd die of a different kind of toxic shock. But maybe we can answer each others' gross questions based on personal experience. We get the party started with three of our own questions regarding tampons.1.) If you have period sex, and then the guy cums in you, how long should you wait to put a tampon in? This is something that never even occurred to me until two months ago when the situation presented itself for the first time. Ejaculate is really thick, and i know when I wipe it off me with paper towels, it just kinda smears around. If paper towels don't really absorb it, how can compacted cotton? And then what happens if you can't get all of the semen out of you, but you put a tampon in, and it doesn't get absorbed? Does it just hang around inside you, stinking up the joint? There were a lot of questions in this one question, I know. 2.) What should you do when you realize you have to poop immediately after you put in a new tampon? I've been mulling over this one for years. Luckily (or, actually, unluckily) for me, my poop opportunities are few and far between, and usually, I empty out right at the beginning of my period. But there are those rare instances when I do get caught with a tampon in and then get the urge to purge my bowels. It's so confusing because I don't know whether to pull out the new tampon, and risk getting all scratched up, or keep it in and risk "delivering" it in the toilet. I usually just spazz out, grimace and remove the scratchy tampon. 3.) Exactly how long do you have to leave a tampon in to get Toxic Shock Syndrome? One of my friends left her tampon in for 10 friggin' days, and even had sex with it up there, and she's just fine. Do women even get TSS from tampons anymore? Earlier: Ten Days In The Life Of A Tampon Jezebel Crashes The Tyra Show's Vaginas Episode



I have another question!! I would like to explore other methods of contraception- I'm in the UK and we get things like the pill for free (yay!) but I am sure I would forget to take it, also I have been trying to loose weight lately and I hear that the pill makes you put more on (not an option). A friend of mine has a coil, which I don't know if I would like as I hate periods and hear they give you cramps worse than what you already get. Then there's this nuva ring thing now? I don't know if we have that here, but what exactly is the deal with that? And what other options are there? I kind of never want to have bebehs, though I am only 25 and I don't see my doctor sterilising me any time soon.

Jeez sorry for getting off topic, I was reading the comments and this popped into my head and I figured you's all might have some advice?