Queen Rania: A YouTube Visionary

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Queen Rania of Jordan has been awarded YouTube's first "Visionary Award" for her daily Web cast, a video series designed to shatter Arab and Muslim stereotypes while encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and placing a spotlight on strong, independent Middle Eastern women. YouTube founded the Visionary Award to recognize individuals who use the YouTube platform "for positive social change." Queen Rania accepted the award via a Letterman-esque Top Ten list, going through some corny jokes before describing the real reason why she chose to use YouTube to spread her message: "I'm not claiming a video can change the world, but maybe it can help us change some minds. And that's where real progress starts." Clip after the jump.


Jordan's Queen Rania Wins YouTube Award [AP]
[Queen Rania's YouTube Channel]


liz.lemonade: She is beyond good and evil.

She's amazing. A few months ago, she blogged for Slate about her experiences at the Clinton Global Initiative, and I was so impressed by what she had to say, including how much she loves her children. I'm developing a huge crush on her!