Patti Patti (the preferred name you're supposed to scream during one of LaBelle's shows) is murdering the competition on Dancing with the Stars. The singer chose 50 Cent's "In Da Club" for the show's "My Jam Monday" competition and proved that just because she's almost 70 doesn't mean she can't shake it. Hard.

While the singer/American Horror Story standout may not have natural talent for all the moves, she more than makes up for it in wardrobe and confidence. Starting the dance in a fur coat and quickly stripping down to a glittery silver number that not one person on god's green earth wouldn't wear, LaBelle struts, bumps and grinds it to one of the hottest songs on the "Prom 2003" and "Wedding 2005-2010" charts. And she does it all through a knee injury that almost took her out of the competition. But "nothing's going to stop Patti but Patti," LaBelle says right before she rolls on out and lights the match that will burn the entire DWTS arena to the motherfucking ground (that is a Hunger Games reference, Patti Patti is the Katniss Everdeen of this competition).


I wish they'd show more behind the scenes clips of LaBelle and her partner, though. She's got so much sparkle and personality that every day working with her must be either an absolute joy or a living nightmare or some combination of both, which is to say awesome.

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