"Queen Of Botox" Wins Argentinean Election

The first lady of Argentina just won the country's presidential election, and the reaction from this country's mainstream media can basically be summed up as, "Just like Hillary! Except OMG so hot!!!" Depending on how keen your sight is, the "Queen of Botox could almost be considered as hot as that smoking-hot Ukrainian with the braids, and probably on par with the sixtysomething Burmese leader-in-exile whose face they're all wearing for Halloween. But the obvious parallel is to Evita, who incidentally, has long been likened to Hillary, but with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner the "spiritual leader of the country" Evita that Argentina knows and Hillary as the "woman who couldn't have been that likeable if they fucking cast Madonna to play her in the movie" Evita (and by the way do they still make popular Broadway musicals about international history anymore?) Anyway, there's a new meme going around that Hillary Clinton owes her deep well of support to the fact that so many women put up with sex-addicted absentee husbands, which brings me back, as ever, to my problem with the notion that tolerating repeated abuse at the hands of the person who knows you best is, like, a huge selling point as long as you can smile and tell the country it was "worth it." Oh, christ.


Can't we fucking do like the French and admit to each other that no matter how famous and powerful you are love totally sucks?

In other news President Lame Fuck told a bunch of students last year that he'd failed to close the numerous loopholes that eventually gave those Blackwater guys license to kill whomever they wanted because "that's how I work"and a college is forcing prego female athletes) to choose between keeping their babies and keeping their scholarships, and Oprah is in trouble over a sex scandal at her school in Africa, and try as I might I have not been able to fit any more of this crap together. (It might have something to do with the super-compelling The Hills rerun on right now!) Till next time, womyn...

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