Queen Elizabeth Got a Fancy New Portrait for Her 88th Birthday

What do you get the queen who has everything?

To celebrate her 88th birthday (which is today!), Queen Elizabeth has had a new portrait taken. Photographed by David Bailey, the black and white image depicts a friendlier, more approachable side of the Queen than the ones seen in portraits past (oh, a repeat gift — how embarrassing).


Here it is in full:

"She has very kind eyes with a mischievous glint. I've always liked strong women, and she is a very strong woman," Bailey said of Elizabeth II. Sure, mischievous, malevolent — they all come out the same when you photograph someone in a way that makes it look like their eyes are all pupil.

Happy Birthday to the figurehead of a monarchy that we fought a long, hard, bloody battle to separate ourselves from! (Was the the War of Independence ultimately worth our time? Debate in comments!)


Queen Elizabeth, you're lookin' great!

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