Q-Tips Get a Manly, Masculine Upgrade

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Are Q-tips not selling well these days? Because there is a rebranding afoot and now the cotton swabs are manly ... according to their newest box anyway, declaring them the "Men's Ultimate Multi-Tool" on a faux steel plate.

The odd thing is, I can’t seem to find the “Men’s Ultimate Multi-Tool” version on the official company website or their Facebook page. However, the website does boast the newer, rebranded and reshaped Q-tips products like Precision Tips with pointy ends made for manicures and mascara mishaps and the Baby Pack for, well, babies. That said, it's not too crazy to imagine a "Men's Ultimate Multi-Tool" Q-tip since the company seems to love the word "ultimate" like a surfer in the 1980s. But I'll believe this is real when I see the steel plate on a store website.


Have any of you seen the "Men's Ultimate Multi-Tool" Q-tip while shopping?

Image via Q-Tips.

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