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Purple Rain, Prince’s vaguely-autobiographical, 1984 film might be a bit of a mess, but it’s a delightful one, replete with ruffled shirts, over-the-top proclamations of desire, and a wildly buffoonish villain. And now it’s returning to theaters this month as a tribute to the late superstar.


As the A.V. Club reports, both MTV and VH1 already ran the film the night following the death announcement. Now its resurrection will be a larger-scale affair: “AMC is getting in on the tribute act...announcing that the Albert Magnoli-directed film will be returning to theaters for a one-week engagement” that began yesterday, April 23. Variety has provided a list of participating theaters, organized by state.

You’ve got less than a week to raid your local thrift stores for frilly collars, vinyl pants, and superfluous chains. But the booty shaking choreography and oh-so-sexy pout? You’re on your own there.

Image via Warner Brothers. Video via YouTube.

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