Purple Rain Returns to Theaters in Memory Of Leading Man, Prince

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Purple Rain, Prince’s vaguely-autobiographical, 1984 film might be a bit of a mess, but it’s a delightful one, replete with ruffled shirts, over-the-top proclamations of desire, and a wildly buffoonish villain. And now it’s returning to theaters this month as a tribute to the late superstar.


As the A.V. Club reports, both MTV and VH1 already ran the film the night following the death announcement. Now its resurrection will be a larger-scale affair: “AMC is getting in on the tribute act...announcing that the Albert Magnoli-directed film will be returning to theaters for a one-week engagement” that began yesterday, April 23. Variety has provided a list of participating theaters, organized by state.

You’ve got less than a week to raid your local thrift stores for frilly collars, vinyl pants, and superfluous chains. But the booty shaking choreography and oh-so-sexy pout? You’re on your own there.

Image via Warner Brothers. Video via YouTube.



To modern eyes, it has its problematic moments - somewhat casual abuse, sexism, etc - your standard 80s-style shit. But its musical numbers rank up there with anything out of the Hollywood Golden Age. And extra kudos to Prince for making the exurbs of Minneapolis look exotic and magical.

What I’m really looking forward to in the coming years are serious, scholarly discussions of Prince’s music itself. His output is still astonishing in its mix of jazz, pop, rock, and funk - and how seamlessly his work could segue between styles and keys even in brief passages. “Genius” is used too often these days; this guy was the real deal.