Puppy + Weddings= Bad Idea, WEtv • Indian Widow Throws Totally Bangin' End-Of-Life Bash

• WEtv uses sad-sack female stereotypes to try to push "Puppy Weddings" TV show. We love puppies, but we don't think puppies love weddings. • NYRA says Hooter's waitresses will have to dress appropriately if they want to play with their pretty new race horse, Big Brown.• A Canadian waitress was fired after shaving off her hair for a charity fundraiser.• A suspect has been indicted in the disappearance and murder of a Nashville Girl Scout in 1975. • A new book, This Is Who I Am: Our Beauty In All Shapes And Sizes has women pose nude and talk honestly about their body image. • McCain goes after disgruntled Clinton supporters, saying that Hillary was inspiring to his daughters. McCain: a true friend of wymyn everywhere. • Philly newspapers make fake ads for "Derrie-Air" airlines to test their advertising's effectiveness. • US military says Iraqi insurgents are exploiting women's grief and using them as suicide bombers. • Want a daring weekend To Do? The World NAKED Bike Ride takes place tomorrow—clothing optional, duh. • A climate bill to cut greenhouse gases and address global warming was defeated in the Senate today. Maybe you should take that bike ride. • After commencement speech, some whiny Harvard grads are mad because insanely popular author, J.K. Rowling, wasn't a big enough name.• The unemployment rate rose .5% last month, the biggest jump since 1986. But we're still not in a recession, right? • An Indian widow throws a totally awesome two-day mega-party in hopes of getting into heaven. • Gossip Girl author to write first series of "adult" novels, focusing on a group of gal pals who meet at a college in Maine.


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