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Puppy Tries to Eat Sneakers Because Puppies Aren't the Brightest

It's okay, because they're totally the cutest. Coast on your looks, lil' guy. Coast straight into my heart.


Actually, I'm pretty sure he's teething and that just feels delicious on his pointy-ass puppy teeth. I've fostered a few litters of puppies for Rocket Dog Rescue* and so I know a thing or two about being nibbled on by pointy-ass puppy teeth. Also, stinky butt puppy shit. So much stinky butt puppy shit. THAT SAID: FOSTERING IS THE BEST DO IT.

*Also, the pit bull inspiration for the graphic at the top of Rocket Dog's page is my dog, Hazel! FAMOUS DOG NO AUTOGRAPHS ONLY TREATS PLZ.

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Judgmental Chickens

Mr. Sparkles is a Rocket Dog Rescue. I thank them every day for bringing this little shit into my life!