Puppy Play Isn't A Dog-Eat-Dog World • Love Texts Score With Nigerians

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• A new study has found that male puppies will often "self-handicap" themselves when playing with female puppies as a way to get to know potential future mates. • The British government's public health safety watchdog warned yesterday that people with light-sensitivity issues should not be within 1 foot of compact fluorescent light-bulbs, which have enough UV light to damage skin in close range.• A Canadian woman has complained to an Ontario judicial watchdog after a judge told her not to call the police if she went back to her abusive ex-boyfriend and dismissed the assault charges she had brought against the man in June. •• A woman hunting rats with a rifle on her property in North Carolina caused the lockdown of a neighboring school today after a bus driver mistook her for an armed student. • Two nuns have been branded as terrorists by the state of Maryland after they were convicted of antiwar activities (including painting crosses on missiles with their own blood) in 2002. • This week the first English public statue of a black woman (named "The Bronze Woman" after the poem by Cecile Nobrega) went up in Stockwell Memorial Gardens in South London. • Ugh: A Californian man clapped as he was sentenced to 126 years in prison on Wednesday for sexually assaulting a female family member for 11 years. • A young Nigerian man has hit success by selling booklets for uncreative but lovesick young Nigerians who are looking for the right romantic text message to send to their sweeties. • A new study has found that many American girls (and boys) who show an aptitude for math are discouraged from pursuing math careers or higher levels of math because American culture does not value math skills. • A study of primary students in Northern Ireland found that girls are more happy with primary school than boys. • A recent study in Australia found that the myth of pregnant women becoming forgetful when they are expecting is false.•


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anastasia beaverhousen

my dog faked hurting his leg two days ago so we would give him treats. he limped around crying then when we called him for a cookie he came running at full tilt!