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Punk And Circumstance

Illustration for article titled Punk And Circumstance

Vivienne Westwood has created what have to be the coolest caps and gowns ever for King's College, London. The line, which will premiere in a catwalk show in the campus's Great Hall, contains twenty different robes, including fuschia (Dental Institute) and silver (Law School.) Says the colorfully-coiffed designer, "Through my reworking of the traditional robe I tried to link the past, the present and the future. We are what we know."[Daily Star]


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Damn, if only she designed my law school graduation robe... it was hideous and huge, and A RENTAL. Extra gross! And we went through the bizarre "hooding" ritual which for all the world sounded to me like a sex act.

A funky silver grad gown would have definitely spiced up the ceremony, especially since hooding didn't turn out to involve sex after all. Darn.