Pundit Tells Dumb 'Sandra Fluke is a Lesbian!' Joke; Internet Ridicule Commences

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After news of contraception advocate Sandra Fluke's engagement broke, conservative pundit Monica Crowley dusted off an antique third grade bully joke and Tweeted "To a man?" because get it? Since she doesn't have long blonde Fox News hair and blindingly white beauty queen teeth, Sandra Fluke must be a lesbian! After people began remarking that Crowley's shitty joke was shitty, she added fuel to the fire, tweeting, "I love to expose the Left's total lack of a sense of humor." And that's how today's justified internet pile-on was born.


Meet the Twitter hashtag #crowleyjokes, where users of the microblogging service can add their own hilarious Monica Crowley approved brand of humor. A few samples from the tag page: "Knock, knock. Who's there? Interrupting hack pundit. Interrup- LESBIANS!!!!!!! hahhahahahaa" and "What do you call a feminist who marries a man? A fluke." and "I just flew in from Denver and boy are my arms lesbians!"

Here are some other suggestions for Crowley jokes, if you want to make your own: Explore religion. Can the priest who walks into the bar disagree with you politically, and therefore probably be a lesbian? Explore ethnicity. Did you hear about the Pollack? I didn't like her, and so she was a lesbian. Try the descriptive, unexpected joke: What's gray and comes in a red can and is a Democrat? Campbell's lesbian cream of Elephant soup. Experiment. Have fun.


As far as gang-ups go, this one's pretty great.

Irrationality of joking about how a non-procreative sex-having lesbian desperately needing contraception aside, Crowley's now predictably taking the opportunity to show how put upon and victimized she's been because of her Fluke joke. So if you must participate in #crowleyjokes, make sure they're funny and not assy. Otherwise Monica Crowley might call you a fat dyke.


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How many lesbian shitasses does it take to screw in a lightbulb?