Since starting off Sarah Palin week, we've received a barrage of emails from some of the former Alaska Governor's supporters. After the jump, a sampling.

From Vanessa:

Tracie, I cant help but think you must be very young. Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air from those in the "belt way" bunch and I for one am proud to say I voted for her. Dont allow the liberal media and dumbed down journalistic train wrecks like the "view" to taint your viewpoint. Sarah Palin offers us a different type of female candidate, and most importantly one who can't be compared to the "thank you so much" female politicians currently in Washington. I appreciate her candor and the genuine self she brings to every public appearance and interview. And tone down the literary "reaching", double standard and equality are not the same thing. I had hoped that journalistically Jezebel would be different; say a thinking women's publication...however it appears that its "woman's day/good housekeeping" pabulum disguised as literary excellence. Sad.


From Stephanie:

Tracie, I haven't read your post on Sarah Palin yet; seeing as how you are choosing to frame her interview for your work on Jezebel—that she contradicts herself- really puts me on the outs with you. Do you have to come out and attack this woman on such shallow and superficial grounds? Haven't you contradicted yourself with your persona and still reconciled your contradicting self-images to the audience? Seriously, Slut Machine vs. Impeding Wifehood—is there a greater contradiction?
Instead of focusing on ways to highlight Sarah Palin's unique contribution to the general public—as Oprah rightly did—you are doing the same old misogynistic "tearing her down" shit. It's lazy. At least Oprah gave her a platform to express her own ideas. You, operating on Jezebel's platform, only see fit to throw the wrecking ball at a woman who is more intriguing than Slut Machine or the future Mrs. whatever-your-fiance's-last-name-is.
Get real Tracie. You're totally abusing that pot psychology you're using. It's probably laced with crack, like all the white kids unwittingly smoke to be cool.

Also from Stephanie (excerpts only):

I published this on my FB and also under Palin's FB. If you have a salient point to make about an issue I raised, please respond:
I made sure to watch the interview today so I would know the text of the conversation exactly as it was said in the interview and not as it would appear when it would be sliced and diced to fit super liberal agendas in liberal blogs. Tracie from Jezebel provided fuel for the fire, so I'm going to put out her extremely jejune claims that Palin contradicted herself in 8 instances on the interview…This is only contradictory, I guess, if you believe that having an abortion is empowering to women. For people like me, who see abortion as the taking of human life, it is empowering to stand up to Katie Couric and say essentially, "You're not gonna bully me into signing off on something I don't support."…What does [the publishing dates of Harry Potter] have to do with anything? You seriously had to go find stuff that wasn't aired to fit into your screed against what she said during the interview?


One man in particular, Mario, seems to have a personal mission to protect Princess Palin from our collective Bowser.

From Mario:

Tracie, Is it not empowering women to show them they can have their babies and still survive?



Tracie, Based on everything we know, do you have some doubts that Sarah Palin is pro-life?

And again:

Tracie, Don't you know the difference between having a journalism degree and "journaling" which is keeping a journal or diary - regardless of whether you have a journalism degree or not?


And more:

Tracie, Excellent catch on the Harry Potter books. However, could not the character assassins have found out she had not banned books simply by asking the Librarians in Wasilla?

Then, at 7:15pm, on November 17, Mario started in with Anna, who, for better or worse, responded. Subject header: Sarah Palin's contradictions:

Anna, In emails to Tracie, I was able to show that every so-called contradiction was a sophomoric attempt to make Palin look bad, and none of them were a contradiction at all. Nice try though. She's still batting close to a 1000 while her character assassins are sucking air:-))


Anna's response:

Hi Mario Thanks for your email. I'll pass on your note to Tracie. One question: You do know that Ms. Palin is sort of a laughingstock to a majority of American voters, right? I wouldn't exactly say she's batting 1000...or even close to .350.

Mario's response:

Not true, Anna. This is funny coming from a person like you who probably voted for the worst president in our history, which was literally like elevating the mail boy to the CEO's office. The guy blithely releases real state secrets on our interrogation methods while his own college grades and birth records have become state secrets. Perhaps you have missed the crowds Palin drew last year and the interviews she has given this week.
Sarah Palin is a laughing stock only for phony liberals who seem terrified of her views and her authenticity and her stellar record of achievement in Alaska which earned her an 80% plus approval rating in Alaska until you liberals unleashed a small army of character assassins who all failed to bring her down. Why else would people like you bother demonizing her?
Even the gals on the View were impressed with her except that moron Joy Behar. The only honest national liberal who has far more intelligence than folks like you, Camille Paglia, thinks Palin is a real feminist and those who criticize her are morons. If you don't believe me, check out what Paglia has written on Every single one of your 8 contradictions were so bogus as to be comical. You really nedd to put someone with an ounce of brains on the job when you try to demonize Palin. Nice try though.


1:23am, November 18. Subject header: Faux-feminists need to wise up:

What are they all so afraid of? Obama's books are riddled with falsehoods. he even said his parents met 4 years after he was born and that his dad was an atheist.

1:27am, November 18. Subject header: Some clues as to why the left is so afraid of Palin:


From a political perspective, Palin is deeply threatening to the left. Classist, petit syrah swilling liberals loathe the thought of being governed by a backwater governor with five kids and a beehive. Leftist women hate her because she's attractive and should be busy burning her bra for abortion rights (she's also successful in her personal life, which often times aggravates liberal females and irritates certain gray-I mean, strawberry haired print columnists). Political strategists fear her because she could effectively help move the traditionally Democratic blue collar vote to the right. Think about it: who could be more unsuccessful in their outreach to this demographic: Joe Biden or Sarah Palin? Palin also has the ability to make the left appear so vile, so rude, and so disgusting by just being herself. She gets them to use the most egregious of insults and acts as a mirror to their soul whenever she appears by getting them to act so appallingly. [end of excerpt]


9:27am, November 18.

Anna, Anna, Anna, It figures that you faux-feminists would dismiss real feminists like Palin and Paglia who are on far higher intellectual planes than whoever came up with those contrived "contradictions" probably because you asked them to. Of course Fox News is eating your liberal lunch so they must be demonized. Unfortunately, none of it is working because you just don't have the facts on your side. Cheers. Mario.

10:36am, November 18. Subject header: What say you, Anna?:


Have you ever seen so much hatred for, and vitriolic criticism of, someone who had only a brief stint on the national political stage? More than a year after the presidential election in which Sarah Palin, as the GOP nominee for Vice-President, campaigned for about 3 months, she is still being pilloried by the leftwing loons as though she had been elected and was now actively engaged in dismantling the liberal establishment. Not a day goes by that we don't hear or read vicious attacks on a woman who represents the conservative, wholesome values of Middle America; values that have been insidiously and incrementally eroded during the last few decades.
[end of excerpt]


12:04pm, November 18. Subject header: Faux-feminists at Jezebel join AP in demonizing a popular woman:

Hey, Anna, Oh, this is so over the top, even for desperate libs. The AP assigned ELEVEN knuckleheads to demonize Palin's book and came up with chicken poop. I don't know whether you gave Tracie any help but she came up with bubkis, zip, zero, nada. But, please keep trying - Sarah needs all the help she can get from you guys to create even more interest in her book
Excerpts [from a Fox News link]:
Reviewing books and holding public figures accountable is at the core of good journalism, but the treatment Palin's book received appears to be something new for the AP. The organization did not review for accuracy recent books by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, then-Sen. Joe Biden, either book by Barack Obama released before he was president or autobiographies by Bill or Hillary Clinton. The AP did more traditional news stories on those books.
The attraction to Palin doesn't appear to be partisan, since AP didn't fact-check recent political tomes by Republicans Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich. [End of excerpt]
Memo: Of course it's not partisan - after all she's a conservative woman who went off the reservation, a la Clarence Thomas for the blacks, so Al Gore's faux-feminist posse had to call her a Ho and a TWILF, and Jezebel and others feel the uncontrollable need to verbally bitch-slap her. She'd kick their backsides in person, and they know it] "They're obsessed with trying to discredit her," said Adrienne Ross, New York state organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. "Because she's a conservative woman, they make fun of her accent, comment about her looks. She doesn't come in the package they want her to come in."

1:16pm, November 18. Subject header: Here is something useful for Tracie to fact-check:

Or you can go back and fact-check Obama and his books to see how the electorate got fooled so badly.


More than ten percent of the jobs the Obama administration has claimed were "created or saved" by the $787 billion stimulus package are doubtful or imaginary, according to reports compiled from eleven major newspapers and the Associated Press.

Based only on our analysis of stimulus media coverage in the last two weeks, The Examiner has created this interactive map to document exaggerated stimulus claims. The map, which will be updated as new revelations appear, currently reflects an exaggeration by the Obama administration of about 75,000 jobs, out of the 640,000 jobs supposedly "created or saved."
[end of excerpt]


1:27pm, November 18. Subject header: Obama-controlled AP laying people off during full court press on Palin


I hope you are appreciating all this research I'm providing you with:


The layoffs at the AP are indeed happening today. We're compiling a list of all the casualties-the ones we hear about and the ones reported elsewhere. Click through for our continuously updated list.
[end of excerpt]


Anna's response:

I'm loving it! We're going to quote you extensively later today. Hope you don't mind.

1:33pm, November 18:

As long as you quote me accurately.

1:39pm, November 18.

Why are you folks so interested in such an unpopular person like Palin? Shouldn't you be encouraging the GOP to make her a candidate for something?