Puerile Blogger Dan Riehl Finds a Way to Make Breitbart.com Even Ickier

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Have you heard of this charming gentleman named Dan Riehl? If you haven't, let me have the honor of pointing him out to you — he's the blogger for Breitbart.com who recently fired off a series of misogynistic tweets apparently insinuating that Salon editor Joan Walsh perform oral sex on him instead of speaking, and who, under just the right light, bears an uncanny resemblance to a big, drippy penis.


According to nifty little Twitter timeline culled together by Media Matters, Riehl fired off the initial tweet featured at the top of this post, followed by a series of self-congratulatory tweets in which he admires his own cleverness. His little outburst culminates with a preemptive dismissal of accusations of sexism, on the grounds that he doesn't consider Walsh to be a woman: "&, please, no indignant protestations of any alleged sexist attack. The woman is a pox, not a woman as ive evr considered sum12B1."

Nice, huh? Riehl, a right-wing scribbler, might have been responding to any one of Walsh's volleys against political conservatives, or he might have been passing a kidney stone while while scrolling through Salon.

Here's the thing about being a dick — you don't get to just call time-out and absolve yourself of your awfulness because you suddenly realize that people are going to call you out on it. At least, not without apologizing. The "I was just kidding" excuse only works if something's funny (which Riehl's original tweet certainly wasn't) and generally good-natured. If Riehl wants to make clumsy blowjob jokes because he can't think of an intelligent way to disagree with an ideological opponent, that's fine — he's allowed to look like as big a fool as he wants to because this is America, land of the outspoken stupids. That Riehl tries to anticipate and dismiss accusations of sexism, though, is both a crass way to get in a parting shot at Walsh and a cowardly way to try and weasel out of taking responsibility for his own misogyny, which is the only insight he shares through this series of ostensible attacks against someone with whom he disagrees about which Harvard grad Americans should elect for class president.

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Sweet Panda Love

Why do straight men denigrate the act of cock sucking? They use it against women, against gay men, and surely it's one of their very favorite acts...it makes me want to go all Lysistrata until such comments stop. If you like having your cock sucked then don't degrade those who do the sucking! Jeez.