Public Breastfeeding Is Awesome, Says Luvs

This new commercial from Luvs aims to normalize the very normal act of breastfeeding and also, sell you some Luvs. Showing a woman who is initially shy about whipping 'em out in public becoming more comfortable with whipping 'em out in public/providing life-sustaining nutrition. Pretty cool, Luvs, way to make breastfeeding look like a totally okay and maybe even important thing to do. Since I'm so happy with what you did on the breastfeeding front, I'm not gonna question your questionable statistics about more moms choosing Luvs with their second children — fuck it, I'm gonna give it to you. Luvs 4 babies in 2012!


That said, I want this kid as my future son/husband/I'LL FIGHT YOU FOR HIM:

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Ad of the Day: Luvs Breastfeeding in public? It's a snap for Luvs moms, who simply do everything better[Ad Week]

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i think she said feck

Okay, question for the breastfeeding moms.

Where am I supposed to look? I want to demonstrate that I'm cool with you breastfeeding and ALSO want to respect your boob's privacy. Do I try not to glance at the feeding baby, and thus your breast? Or do I just look where I want to look (albeit without gawking) because obviously your breast is out, doing what it does anyway?


A Generally Awkward Person Trying Her Best to Act Like a Normal Person