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Psst! Not sure if you know about this, but Fox is preparing a sitcom called The Return Of Jezebel James. The premise is that a New York book editor (Parker Posey) realizes she wants to have a baby — and asks her estranged sister, Coco (Lauren Ambrose) to carry it. (Jezebel James is the imaginary friend Coco would blame things on when she was a little girl.) Dianne Wiest (love her!) plays the sisters' mom. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, of Gilmore Girls fame, has lined up a great cast for what seems like a funny show — so of course, Fox has cut the number of episodes it wants from 13 to seven. Bastards. [Variety]


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@collegecallgirl: Shit. I want it to be funny, Parker Posey is my hero and I love me some Ambrose in pretty much any situation. Let's hope it gets better!