Bumhole Paint—used to paint "arsehole flowers" cast from real human rectums—was just one of the products "inspired by the latest trends in sexual enhancement" available at the Glastonbury Festival this year.

Tucked inside the Shangri-La installation at this year's Glastonbury Festival was Heavenly Nipples, "an upmarket, high-end fashion emporium designed to celebrate humanity's spectacular sexual spectrum," created in collaboration with designer Ben Kearns and artist Jamie McCartney. It featured McCartney's the "Great Wall of Vagina," as well as items that could be purchased, such as merkins, latex third nipples and something called Bumhole Paint.

Bummhole Paint is apparently brightly-colored paint that can be used to create "arse flowers" that are intended to be floral interpretations of anuses. If opinions are like assholes, then apparently they can also look like flowers?