PSA: Treat Your Guns Like You'd Treat Your Dildos

No matter how sex-positive the parent, nobody wants her kids finding mommy's trove of sex toys. Vibrators are locked away or at least hidden in the very back of the closet, completely inaccessible. As this PSA points out, you should probably display the same level of diligence about guns.


The ad features a couple of kids sword-fighting with sex toys, and concludes: "If they find it, they'll play with it. So always lock up your guns." As rules of thumb go, "don't leave a revolver anywhere you wouldn't leave a Hitachi Magic Wand" ain't bad.

Via Digg, the PSA is the work of Evolve, a nonpartisan group that stresses responsible gun ownership. Cofounder Rebecca Bond told the Huffington Post:

"It presents it in a way thats humorous, it creates some levity for engaging someone in the conversation," Bond explained. "When you start to talk about play things and how you secure those things ... it's an easier way into the conversation. You start to make people think."

It's heartening Americans can still agree it's best to do what you can to keep your kids from accidentally shooting themselves. Or at least that dildos are funny, anyway.



My sister hides hers in a hollow book safe I bought her. For those of you wondering, it's The Old Man and the Sea.