Proudly Unrepentant Abuser Chris Brown Tells Detractors to 'Fuck Off'

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Judging from the amount of pro-Chris Brown sentiment around at the moment he's going to need to punch a baby on live TV and follow it up with a statement saying how much he enjoyed it before his diehard supporters switch camps. Until then he's happy to continue antagonizing the majority who feel that he hasn't been sincere enough in his apologies and actions after beating Rihanna by Tweeting this delightful message for the benefit of those who dared to question the appropriateness of his Grammy performances: "HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That's the ultimate FUCK OFF!" Sensing that perhaps a verbally abusive uppercase rant wasn't the best way to shake his hard-earned girlfriend-beating, homophobic, self-pitying tag, he deleted that one and took things down a notch. "IM BACK SO WATCH MY BaCK as I walk away from all this negativity #teambreezygrammy." [E!]
Country star Miranda Lambert is the latest person to throw up their hands and ask why Chris was allowed to perform two songs at the Grammys despite the fact that he's an unrepentant, chair-throwing girlfriend beater. I may be paraphrasing. [NYDN]

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She murdered the competition at the Grammys and is at an all-time career high, so Adele thinks it's time to put said career on the backburner and focus on her relationship with boyfriend Simon Konecki – by taking a whopping four-to-five years off. "I'm madly in love so I don't want to be like, 'Babe I'm sorry, we've got to break up, I've got a new album to deliver,'" she said. "He looks after me. I don't think I'd have got through the recovery from surgery if not for him. I am fucking off for four or five years. If I'm constantly working, my relationships fail. At least now I can have enough time to write a happy record and be in love." [The Sun]

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Janet Jackson has spoken of her love for Whitney Houston and offered a word of advice to Bobbi Kristina about coping with a loved one's death – obviously because she lost her brother Michael not that long ago. "She was such a sweet, sweet soul," she said. "You have to come to terms with it at some point. You have to actually give it up to God, and it sounds so mean, but you have to move on. You can't hold onto that because it can be very devastating." [E!]
Now that the shock of Whitney's death is subsiding it's time to play the blame game. First up, could her label have done more to prevent it? No, but that isn't stopping people from trying to finger them. [E!]
Though they are total assholes for jacking up the price of her albums in the hours after her death. But, realizing the error/bad publicity of their ways, Sony says sowwy. [BBC]
The hotel room Whitney passed away in has already been occupied by new guests – and the hotel is being flooded with accommodation requests. Stay classy, humans! [TMZ]
Though I don't think they need to hold off making a Waiting To Exhale sequel, people need to stop saying "it's what Whitney would have wanted" before it becomes a thing. [Bilboard]

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The whole "I might be dating Reggie Bush again, guys! Guys?" thing clearly isn't panning out quite the way Kim Kardashian had hoped (read: no one gives a cold, hard fuck), so now she's talking about becoming Khloe's surrogate to drum up a little publicity. Which, judging by this post, clearly worked. Well played, Kim. "Khloe joked with me and said, 'Will you be my surrogate?'" she giggled idiotically. "I think I have a couple more years when I just want my body to myself. At 35, I promise I'll consider it." [Radar]
It seems that being with Kim for a handful of days is enough to turn guys off women for good, with Kris Humphries still "positively panicked" when surrounded by the ladies. [Page Six]

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While M.I.A. was busy acting like a rebellious 14-year-old and flipping the bird at the Super Bowl, Nicki Minaj says she was too scared of the almighty Madonna to step out of line – especially when it came to wig selection. "Madonna was the first person in history who was able to make me change my wig," she said. "She knows how to word things so that you don't feel uncomfortable. I went through four color changes on my wig for the Super Bowl. We got the platinum blonde and she smiled. Once she smiled, I was like, 'Thank you, Jesus!' I couldn't take it anymore." [US]
It appears she has well and truly downed the Kool-Aid because she also said that she was disappointed with M.I.A.'s behavior out of "respect for Madonna." [Vulture]

  • If Ellen doesn't watch out she's going to be eclipsed by the awesomeness of her favorite two guest stars Sophia Grace and Rosie – who finally seems to be coming out of her shell. Watch as they terrorize musician types with cuteness as they work the red carpet at the Grammys. [Ellen]
  • Yesterday in the future – aka Australian time – everyone's favorite downtrodden best friend Magda Szubanski came out as a lesbian. She then went on TV to eloquently discuss why she waited until now and why same-sex marriage is important. Try not to fall in love with her more when she tears up, I double dare you. [YouTube]
  • Fans of the square-jawed majesty that is Jon Hamm can own a little piece of him now the Don Draper paper doll is for sale. Though obsessive fans may want to laminate it first. [Copyranter]
  • Russell Simmons likes it a little old-school, playing an abbreviated seven minutes in heaven with a model at the Vs magazine party. [Page Six]
  • Blake Lively had a special Valentine's Day present for her stalker/concern troll – he doesn't "want to see her go the way of Lindsay Lohan" – a restraining order. [NYDN]
  • Oliver Stone's budding filmmaker son Sean decided to convert to Islam while in Iran for the 30th Fajr International Film Festival. [NYDN]
  • Claire Sinclair is opening up about the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of Marston Hefner in the hope that other women can benefit from it. [E!]
  • A lot of you might be struggling to keep your homes, but Kristen Bell clearly doesn't share your concerns as she let's a $3.1 million property slip gently into foreclosure. [E!]
  • Oprah says she is sowwy that she begged people to tune into OWN, but tells critics who called it begging to back off. [E!]
  • Shakira reveals it was her brother who saved her from the sea lion that wanted to nibble completely savage her hand. [US]
  • Some actresses claim that they lose their baby weight through breast feeding and sitting on their asses alone, but Rebecca Romijn confirms that, for her, it was slightly more complicated: "Losing that weight was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life." [US]
  • Liam Hemsworth is annoyed that girlfriend Miley Cyrus can't smoke a shitload of weed and talk about it in peace. [US]
  • With Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar enjoying a romantic night alone in New York for Valentine's Day we can expect the ridiculously fertile couple's child army to grow in number nine months from now. [People]
  • Taking a dig at Britney Spears and other singers who are fond of getting their baps out on camera, Taylor Swift says it's not really her thing. [Celebuzz]
  • It may shock you to learn that Russell Brand didn't in fact lop off his penis after divorcing Katy Perry and is said to be hanging out of someone else. [Evening Standard]
  • Get those angry letter typing fingers ready! Some cruel monster says that Uggie of The Artist fame is not invited to the Oscars. [BBC]
  • First Uggie and now Mel C says the Spice Girls are not getting back together. Unhappy hump day! [Mirror]
  • Amid all of the split talk, Johnny Depp is saying "Smell you later!" to Europe — and possibly Vanessa Paradis — and relocating to LA permanently. [The Sun]
  • I should punch myself in the penis as punishment for the words I'm about to type: I find Jean-Claude Van Damme attractive with his ridiculous moustache and sideburns. [Daily Mail]

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Some of you in the media and blogosphere feel so entitled. Who are you to determine if Chris Brown's apologies are sincere enough. He did not punch you, the Rihanna has forgiven him and has a friendly relationship with him.

You guys are just mad that you did not succeed in destroying him. I don't even like Chris Brown and yet I find myself always having to defend him because people are selective when it comes to feeling outrage about behavior. It is hard to show remorse to people who are unrelentingly hateful towards you. If Rihanna is cool with him, she is the only one he needs make peace with.